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Internship Program

The internship is an excellent opportunity for the student to have contact with the job market and develop skills, combining the knowledge acquired in the classroom with day-to-day practical issues of a large company. Araguaia believes in the potentiality of young people who make a difference and that is why it instituted the Trainee Program.
More than 25 years of training and developing professionals to work in different areas of the company, mainly in the industrial production and commercialization areas. The desired profiles are from people determined to work in the chosen profession and whose goal is the search for excellence, dynamism and leadership. Conheça o Programa cadastre-se AQUI

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My first job

O Programa Meu Primeiro Emprego- PMPE (The My First Job Program), offers job vacancies for inexperienced people looking for the first opportunity to start their professional career.

The Program Objectives are:

Recruit, motivate and develop people to continue their career in Araguaia;

Take on the social and economic responsibility of hiring people with difficulties to enter the job market, which is one of the precepts of our values; Reinforce professional development through training and career planning and qualify the workforce, fostering an environment of learning, education and discipline within the company.

Code of conduct

The Code of Ethics is an instrument that complements the organizational culture of the company. It serves to guide the actions of its employees and define the social attitude of the company regarding the different audiences that it interacts with. Araguaia reaffirms its commitment to all transactions committed on its behalf, whether by its colaborators or authorized third parties, supported by the principles of this code.

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