Our stores

The Araguaia stores have a varied portfolio with more than 3 thousand items, such as fertilizers, pesticides, cereal seeds, vegetables and pastures, animal nutrition, veterinary products and medicines, agricultural machinery and equipment, gardening tools and accessories and feed line for your pet. The stores have a complete infrastructure with a team of agronomists, veterinarians and zootechnicians trained for better guidance and customer support in the store or at the field. Find the closest store to you!


Locate the store nearest you


Avenida Francisco Orelana, quadra 05 lote 03, 04, e 05 - Jardim das Bandeiras , Gurupi - TO, 77.420-210


(63) 3311-3500 / (63) 99944-1221


BR-163 - Área de Expansão Urbana, Sorriso - MT, 78890-000

(66) 3545-9898


R. Colonizador Ênio Pipino, 1017 - St. Industrial Sul, Sinop - MT


(66) 3517-5850 / (66) 99726-3048


In our stores you’ll find a complete portfolio of veterinary medicines, vaccines, animal nutrition, wires and wire mashes to serve the demands of different kinds of livestock (cattle, horses, pigs, goats, sheep, birds and others). In addition, we also have a team of veterinarians and zootechnicians prepared to assist you.


Cereals, Horticulture and Pasture

Thinking about the rural producer’s necessity. We offer a complete line of fertilizers, produced from selected raw materials with high quality standards, pesticides and quality seeds (cereals, fodder, fruit and vegetables).


For the ones who want to keep their garden always beautiful, we have a complete mix with the best products, equipment and tools to take care of your garden.


In our stores you will find a line of veterinary medicines for domestic animals, as well as different rations and accessories. The best for your Pet!

Household Cleaning Products

More safety and protection for you and your family! Products for cleaning, disinfecting or disinfesting your home and garden.

Tools, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment

A complete line of tools for home or professional use, various agricultural machines and equipment that guarantee a great differential for the performing of your activities.