Our Factories

With a modern industrial park, Araguaia offers the best in the market. Large, functional factories with high production capacity, equipped with precise equipment and fully controlled production processes, they guarantee high quality products and on-time deliveries. The locations in strategic regions demonstrate the company’s commitment with the development of Agribusiness.


Find our factories

Sorriso / Fertilizantes

Rodovia BR 163 KM 747 S/N - Área de Expansão Urbana

(66) 3545-9898
Rondonópolis / Fertilizantes

Rodovia BR 364 km 197 - Zona Rural

(66) 3439-9898
Confresa / Fertilizantes

Rodovia BR 158 KM 139 S/N - Zona Rural

(66) 3564-3800
Vianópolis / Vig Sementes

Rodovia GO 010, Km 5 a direita Setor São Vicente, GO, CEP: 75265-000

(62) 3335-2435
Catalão / Fertilizantes

Rodovia BR 050 KM 273 - Sítio Araguaia - Zona Rural

(64) 3441-8844
Anápolis / Fertilizantes

Rua R-02, Qd. 11-D, Módulos 27/55 - Distrito Agro-Industrial de Anápolis (D A I A), Anápolis - GO, 75132-150

(62) 3310-8133


NPK formulations

The acquired experience combined with the evolution of production systems and the use of selected primary materials allow the company to produce the most varied types of NPK formulations, always with a high quality standard. According to the required need, we combine all the necessary nutrients in the right measure, obtaining ideal formulations for each cultivation. Special products with micronutrients in the grain incorporated into the fertilizer through polymers, providing better distribution in the applied areas and greater efficiency due to its ultrafine shape, providing greater contact with soil and roots.

High solubility

Modern, efficient and highly soluble fertilizers. Providing excellent nutrient rates, establishing the nutritional balance of plants in the crop during the entire crop growth cycle.


Araguaia has developed the best nutritional solution for horticulture: The HORTIMAX product line, composed of fertilizers for the production of vegetables and fruit, is able to supply the essential elements in a complete and balanced way. The apropriate use of Hortimax combined with the best cultivation techniques allows the fruit and vegetable grower to obtain well-developed and resistant plants, with high productivity and with excellent quality of the harvested products.

Hortimax planting

Designed to provide a complete and balanced mineral nutrition for vegetables, fruit, lawns and gardens.

Hotimax Coverage

Designed to provide essential nutrients for the development and production at times of vegetables and fruit greater nutritional demand.

Animal nutrition

Livestock Urea

ARAGUAIA PEC is a line of products for animal feed. The portfolio includes Livestock Urea, an imported product, with uniform granules and a high degree of purity. Price and special conditions! Product available in 50 kg bags and 1,000 kg big bag.

In addition to Livestock Urea, we also have PEARL FERTILIZING UREA, an imported product, uniform granulometry. Available for immediate bulk delivery and 750 kg big bag.

Own Laboratories

Within the strategic planning of business quality and associated with the set of good manufacturing Practices, daily analyzes are carried out to check chemical contents, physical nature and other quality attributes in raw materials and finished products. In a commitment to quality, everything that enters and leaves the production lines of the Araguaia plants passes through the sieve of technical analysis.

Correct time

The command over the factors of the productive system is fundamental for business agriculture. Having a high quality fertilizer available at the best time of use is essential for the farmer. With the Hora Certa (Correct Time) program, just schedule in advance for delivery to be made within the agreed time. Whether the customer picking up the product at the Araguaia factories or receiving it at his own property, the scheduled production of the industries is the guarantee of receiving it on the right day.

SPU - Seed Processing Unit

VIG Sementes (seeds) is a strategic arm of Araguaia group. Located in one of the best regions for the production of soybean seeds in Brazil, region of altitude above 1,000 meters, in the city of Vianópolis – Goiás, it produces soybean seeds with the highest physiological quality, that packed 100% in cold chambers, arrive to the farmer maintaining a high standard. Through strategic partnerships, with high performance genetic providers, VIG Sementes continuously maintains a technological portfolio, ready to serve with excellence, the different needs of farmers in the South-east, Mid-west and North of Brazil.