Technical assistance

Araguaia provides its customers with a team of Technical Consultants: Agronomists, Veterinarians and Zootechnicians, aiming to bring a set of integrated solutions that provide the greatest possible productive potential.

We have partnerships with the main companies in the pesticides, seeds, veterinary and animal nutrition segments to offer increasingly effective products.

The information exchange between our consultants and producers is a constant situation, whether in daily activities or in events directed to the dissemination of technologies, aiming at the increasing of the productivity of crops or livestock.

Program for building high productivity in soybean and corn crops, being the best option for the farmer to produce more safely, efficiently and profitably. With excellent results of gains observed in the last harvests in the areas of operation.

It is a set of structured actions that generates the identification of the potentiality and limitations of the productive areas.

Based on this diagnosis, resources and technologies are used to explore the best potential of crops.
Every year, the Araguaia Research and Development area implements new advances, ensuring a constant evolution of the program.


The producer's own currency!

To serve the producer in an even more personalized way, Araguaia uses the trade modality called Barter, which is the trade of products and services without using money. ⠀

The producer receives crop protection products and the necessary supplies for his crops and as a form of payment he offers part of his production to the company. ⠀⠀

This kind of negotiation creates a producer’s own currency, resulting in better productivity rates!