Environmental policy

Respect to the environment and harmonious relationship with the community wherein it operates are priorities to Araguaia when performing activities of manufacture, storage, handling and shipment of its farming products.
For the accomplishment of those goals, we declare our commitment towards:

  • Continuous improvement of processes, products and services. 
  • Respecting the effective environmental laws. 
  • Motivating the spreading of the environmental awareness in our stakeholders. 
  • Supporting programs for raising of environmental awareness and education with our clients, suppliers and communities wherein we develop our activities. 
  • Monitoring our environmental performance, focused on rationalizing consumption of natural resources.


Continuous Actions:

  • Reuse of packaging allowed by the legislation
  • Recycling of material generated in the manufacturing process
  • Reduction of power consumption through raising the stakeholders’ awareness; substitution of high energy consumption equipment; saving at peak consumption times, among others. 
  • Team of Agricultural Engineers to advise on the correct use of pesticides. 
  • Affiliated to the main centers of empty pesticide packaging return in the reqions wherein it operates.