My First Job

The My First Job Program offers job vacancies for inexperienced people who are looking for the first opportunity to start their professional career.
Program Objectives: To recruit, motivate and develop people to continue their career in Araguaia; to assume the social and economic responsibility for contracting people with difficulties to enter the labor market, which is one of the precepts of our values; to strengthen professional development through training and career planning and to qualify the workforce, fostering an environment adequate for learning, education and discipline, inside the company. 
Araguaia sees this program as a way to value, motivate, develop and offer growth opportunity to a new worker.   


  • High school graduate or University degree in progress; 
  • Male: Exemption from military service; 
  • Availability to work 44 hours per week
  • No prior professional experience. 

Stages of the selection process:

  • Human Resources announces vacancies through social networks
  • The applicant expresses his/her interest in the job and sends the resume to the e-mail:
  • HR performs the screening of the resumes and schedules the face-to-face or online interview
  • The final result is communicated to ALL candidates who participated in the selection process.

Activity Plan: 
The candidate is trained in the function during the period of experience, getting used with the culture, processes and values of the company. The immediate manager will be responsible for accompanying and guiding the stakeholder throughout the process. 

Performance Assessment: 
The candidate will be subjected to a 90-day experience period. In the end, the immediate manager will assess behavioral aspects and learning of activities, issuing, by the end of the period, the final assessment – deciding whether or not to hire as a full-time employee. 

HR Activities: 
You can contact our HR team to solve any doubts about the My First Job Program through the e-mail: 

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